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our Mission

The mission of Alchemy in Frame is to empower photographers at all stages of their careers with the essential knowledge to manage their businesses successfully. We’re committed to providing practical, helpful information and actionable insights, catering to everyone from novices to seasoned pros. We aim to help photographers capture stunning images and navigate the business landscape with confidence and professionalism. We’re here to help you transform your passion for photography into a sustainable, profitable business.

our Team

We are a team of Professional Photographers, Studio Managers, and Owners. Our goal is to ‘Illuminate the Business of Photography,’ we do this by leveraging our decades of collective experience within the industry. Our expertise covers a broad range of topics, from the technical side of photography to studio management and business operations.

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The 29+ Hottest Photography Trends in 2023

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Capturing the perfect image in an ever-evolving photography landscape can be challenging. With an estimated 1.81 trillion photos taken worldwide every year, staying ahead of photography trends has never been…
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